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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,

okay so you have recognized that this is wrong and a problem and it needs to stop. please DO stop yourself from going anymore astray.

see watching porn is like a disease. a disgusting, horrible, disgraceful, filthy disease. it takes away your purity and God is pure and if your goal, the Creator, is a pure one so you need to stay away from things that make you go in the impure direction, hence porn.

these people that create porn, you know they are big sinners seriously. they disrespect their bodies, minds, hearts, hurt their souls, whether they realise it or not, and they CHEAT themselves through this sickness.

porn is not love you know. it's a very high degree of lust that is uncontrolled and running wild, out there to corrupt a persons soul and cheat him and lead him FAR AWAY FROM GOD.

it's the demons plan for you, to bring you down through things like these. this lust (porn) is a demon and it's bringing your honour down, taking you away from waheguru.

see waheguru ji doesn't want this for you or anyone.

you should ask yourself, what am i getting out of this? am i getting pleasure out of engaging myself into acts such as these? if i am getting pleasure, then what kind of pleasure is this that its making me feel so horrible and low inside?! is this beneficial for me and my heart?

theres a pangti in bani, don't know it exactly, but its basically guru sahib saying that at a certain stage in life a person gets so caught up in lust that this person doesnt even question about what they are doing is right or wrong because they are so caught up in lust. now YOU need to get out of this phase.

omg there are so many reasons why porn will destroy your life. its bad sangat via the internet. you are sinning when you watch all these crazy people, i mean why do you wanna see all this rubbish??!

when you die man, dharamraj is probably going to show you a review of your life, and there you will watching all this craziness on dharamraj's screen and getting the biggest EMBARRASSMENT. just imagine how embarrassed your soul is going to feel.

and you know when you probably do all this crazy stuff without remembering the fact that God is able to see what you are doing. I mean you probably think, oh this is ok, noone's watching but guess what, you are wrong because God is everywhere and witnesses everything that goes on in all the worlds.

do you really want to live on doing this stuff, because somewhere inside you haven't realised that waheguru is not watching you? waheguru has given you a body, it's a gift from waheguru, He has given us eyes, to see God in everyone and acknowledge Him through our eyes, and here you are abusing this gift of waheguru by letting lust fool you into thinking that this is pleasure, this is sin.

i think you should go in front of panj payaray and tell them that you have done this mistake and ask for forgiveness. it's that serious.

take care, wjkk wjkf!