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Manpreet sikghnet is actrually incorrect on every level though i do not wish to create conflict.

it is perfectly alrite for anything to be resurrected within sikhi and sikhi spiritual scinece as their are many sighns of this happening. here are some of them.......

the amrit ceremony of 1699 where gur gibind singh ji beheaded the panj piyare and braught them back to life after stiching their heads back and bestowing them the amrit which made them beyound death. Most white sikhs have never heard this story or prefer the tent version because they are either week minded or do not have the capacity to visualise such miricles.

another is the miricle preformed by baba deep singh fighting with his severd head in his hand. baba gurditta and baba atal rai the sons of guru hargiobind sahib ji both resurrected beings from the dead baba attal rai resurrected his dead play mate, the story is on sikh net and baba gurditta resurected a buffalow. but knowing the laws of god they both gave thier lives to restore order in the universe.

so ressurection is in sikhi and is in mosr=t religions as waheguru can preofrm many miracles sikhi and science have no comunion as sceince in the manmat of the mind created from the mind not from waheguru.

all religions are one and we believe what has taken place before. Jesus rose by the grace of god just as many of the other miracles were preformed by the grace of the eternal one.