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Thank you for your words! (This is the one who posted this entire thing)...I really feel like ignoring those thoughts in addition to Naam Simran is important because I believe that's what Waheguru ji is telling us internally, sort of "That isn't you, just let it pass, don't put your attention there, there are more beautiful things I will show you." I'm grateful to hear that I'm not alone in this and pray that you all have as much peace as I have been having, even more, and that it carries you for eternity. As for the discomfort, I think I'll try to avert my attention away from it...screaming back apparently gives it all the more reason to grow in its rampage.

Oh, and what exactly would qualify as a complete 'insult' to Guru ji? Is that even possible to do accidentally in your head? I know that He forgives instantly if you ask for forgiveness with love in your heart, but I can't even fathom anything being an intentional insult.

Thank you once again!

-Lovepreet Kaur