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coming from your christain background i see that this may be an obstacle for you and your understanding. heaven is experienced in many ways, lets get to the root and core of what your really asking.... can heaven be experinced atall, Can you experince heaven, why do christians predomanantly ask this, their are numerous variations of the same question.

as gurbani dectates their are many heavenly realms and many realms of punishment, these are all physical, all real. the truth is heaven is beyound physicality nd beyound the experince of one who has died it is the perfect utopia an impossibility. when we come into this world we are blind through naam the truth is revealed heaven is somthing that is then experinced through life everyday.

now wehn talking about where the soul travels after the deteriation and dapature of the physcical body there are many realms japji sahib will answer this fro you.


through naam we merge with the craetor waheguru, all our paap is destroyed and the physical merging happens. so when that persons body dies they merge and escape the fate of punishment hell" and then transmigration-reincarnation.


the gurmat heavenly realm of truth where the reality recides this is the gurmat idea of heaven.


the city of immortals is a place where many saints choose to reside when chosen they can manifest at any time and help human kind. this the sufix of (amar) is added to their name eg: Jathedar baba hanuman singh amar shaheed.

your question

its up to akal purakh who experinces such revaltations they are important to those people.