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When I see this question, 1 answers and 1 questions pop in my mind.

First question is this:

How is your relationship with yourself? This video is a groundbreaker, especially at the age of 18+ years.

image description

Youth and Having Relationships - YouTube Video

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Where is my husband? - YouTube Video

This is the first one answer.

Now if you have watched both videos and you have a very good relationship with yourself and want him to be a permenent part of your life, the matter of "sikhi" comes. Only adopt sikhi if your heart desires it and if you have the experiance and love with god, not with this punjabi boy.

Since your asking through sikhnet and haven't got his parents blessings it's a strong probability that this case is about caste. I can tell you sikhi standing on caste but people already know about it.

Still want to get married to him? Don't trust your hormones, but trust your intuition. Ask your intuition what is right for you, because that is your guiding star throughout your life.