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wjkk wjkf,

your question is completley reasonable and understandable why did guru ji allow the use of (bhung).

Guruji allowed his khalsa to consume a drink before they went into batlle. this drink would numb the body so in the event of one of your limbs being hacked off one would still have the power to carry on and fight.

shaheedi tegh

it is not to be disrespectfully be called bhang or a drug for it is not an intoxinant but a holy concoction of many herbs and spices that we commonly use in our food and cooking but when combines create a perfect drink that helps with digestion and as we say (cools the insides) in this form the drink is reffered to as shardai.

shaheedi tegh is named so when the herb of canabis is used, now just because canabis is used does not make this bhang, (bhang is very different a drink made by indians in south asia to hnour and rever shiva) SHAHEEDI TEGH is very simple and causes no physical differences to the person who decides to drink it, but of course when one takes more then the prescribed amount they will go sky high but this vreaks maryada and is fround upon.


is the form of the drink that is commonly made every day without the canabis herb. it is said that the drink helps as an aid in meditation because it focusses the mind.


as sikhs we regard the drinks not as drinks but as Degh a sacrament given by the guru ti help us in certain situations.