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Thank you so much for your kind response sir. But I have put all my faith in guruji. I have left behind everything. Not only so that my wishes can come true but also so I can get much closer to Him. Everytime I go to gurdwara I ask guruji what to do and the hukamnama always says remember him 24/7 and all your minds desires will be fullfilled. Once or twice the hukamnama also said the guru has heard your prayers and your hopes and wishes will be fullfilled. I know guruji is going to fullfill them but I really do wonder when? I know I am just a humble servant and I can only beg in front of him. But everything is in his graceful hands and I am sort of on a deadline here :(. I feel like talking to him face to face I just want him to hug me and tell me everything will be alright.