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Weapon has to have a holder

I have it with Miyan 9 inches. and i guess its safer with Miyan.

Can be very very dangerous without Miyan.

Rehat Maryada is to keep sarabloh Kirpaan which is sharp and that can be used. Guru Gobind Singh ji says..
"when all other means fail it is righteous to raise the sword"

For me two situations that may warrant the use of Kirpaan is a: somebody disrespects Guru Granth Shaib Ji. b: A female/lady/bhain ji's honor is at stake (Meaning somebody is trying to molest lady)

But we must not forget that we live in a civilized world and kirpaan is not a toy.

when u kill someone u destroy a son, a wife, a sister, a parent, a friend.

We should exercise compassion as God himself is compassionate and shall remain super kind.

Sorry for stretching my answer way too much.