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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ke Fateh (copy paste)

1) I'm 19 and got into Sikhi about a year ago, since then I've grown my Kes, decided not to trim my beard and started to do Pat and Naam simran.

Welcome to the club of Guru Gobinds Singhs sons and daughters.

I've just finished my first year at uni, but I think I spent more time doing Pat/Simran than studying.

That's called procrastination.

Here is how to stop procrastination.

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How to Stop Procrastinating - YouTube Video

I do feel like go gym or playing Xbox, but I don't get enough time to do any of those.

Try planning for better time management and prioritize gym before Xbox because att 2nd year of University, your Xbox will just mostly stay untouched in your room. You won't have much time playing it because of other things to prioritize and a much higher tempo on your 2nd year.

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How to Manage Your Time Better - YouTube Video

Currently I do Japji Sahib, Chaupai Sahib, read the hukamana and listen to the Katha in English, Simran and watch some of the Nitnem with English meaning on Youtube. My family says that im doing way to much and should do less but im scared that if i dont some something bad will happen to me as i promised to Guru ji that i will do more.

Your family says that because they want you to pass school to be something. For them, less time you spend on studies and more on bani's, higher chance you will kicked out of school. They see that equation and will say that too you because when you're 19 there is alot of pressure of time and space. Because all of that pressure they think your venting of by becoming more religious. They think that you're going through a phase. Bless your parents and continue to follow your heart.

Currently I listed to the english Katha of the Hukamana sitting down, and sometimes wish to do other stuff while listening to it, but i feel that doesn't count, and feel like im breaking my promise to listen to it every day.

That is called Iphone sadhana. I think you're right that it doesn't count. More information on that in this video.

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Technology: Disrespect of Gurbani? - YouTube Video

I wake up late about 11/12 and get out bed at 1, and i want to get up at Amrit Vela so i have more time focusing on spiritual side, but i sleep late because i havent done some of the things listed above, so i stay up late about 1-3 am and try to finish it and cant wake up early.

Tried that too in University. Doesn't feel right after awhile. A couple of videos that addresses this issue. Try waking up 30 minutes earlier and take small steps.

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Getting up Early in the Morning - Sadhana

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Sadhana - Aradhana - Prabhupati - YouTube Video

Do i need to do my 5 banis? or can I just do the ones i can currently do Japji Sahib and Chaupai Sahin

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I'm Never Satisfied With How Many Banis I Read - YouTube Video

Also i fear that i cant take amrit because of Kaam, I try my best to stay a way from things online that add to sexual desire but fall weak, and then fell really guilty and scared. I need help on how to cope with his ?

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Sin, Guilt, Heaven and Hell - YouTube Video

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Guilt vs. Self-Discipline - YouTube Video

image description

What exactly is lust? - YouTube Video

image description

Transforming Sexual Feelings - YouTube Video

image description

Taking Amrit & Commitment - YouTube Video

image description

Sexual Creative Energy - YouTube Video

Good luck