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Sigh! I know how you feel coz I felt that once but seriously is killing yourself going to make your parents happy and then would their hard earned money be worth anything?

I remember when I was at university and yes it was my fault, didn't take studies seriously and obviously I failed in one paper....and I remember thinking, if I fail once more, I am going to kill myself...but boy I am glad I didn't. I finished my degree, made my parents proud and to be honest today I am working in a big I.T. company as a Software Analyst - so NO killing yourself isn't the answer.

Just be careful next time, study hard. "Waheguru will only help you if you help yourself. So see you have to study and put in the effort". Do not dwell on what has already happened. Make sure you study and become something then help your parents.

Hope this helps.

May god bless you.

Regards Prabh