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Don't loose hope and faith, problems come in everyone's life. The point to understand is that whenever a person decides (when Guru SAhib ji does His kirpa) then maya tries hard to take control over us so that we don't follow Guru Ji's path. Only if a person understands that all these thoughts of blame and guilt are caused by maya so that we give up our effort towards Sikhi. Just like in an exam you are given questions of various levels, they are there for our good so we know our strengths and weaknesses. Similarly these kind of thoughts in our mind or if someone blames us is all maya.

so don't worry and continue to do your path and start doing naam simran even if it is as little as 5 minutes a day.

God bless you and we are all fighting the same don't loose hope...Gur Sahib ji mehar karan and bless us all...

God bless