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Dear Amandeep, The Question of 'Existence of God' has been asked by human beings right from inception and I feel it has not been awnswered as yet. If we go through the Gurbani, it also says that it is not possible to define and put limits on God. The basic thing to understand is about the concept of GOD. Do we think of Him as a human being, or a Power. You can read the Vedas and all other relgous books but this question remains un awnsered. As they say existence of GOD is a matter of belief and faith. If we think of religion as any other scientific discipline and try to find explanation and awnsers to the various phenomenon we observe, we will not get the awnsers. Even in the scientific world, the scientists are not able to give all the awnsers to the natures phenomenon because there is so much that they do not know. What is more important is that a person should be a good human being. Belief in GOD helps one to be a good human being. Therefore, so long a person is a good human beng it is immaterial whether he believes in the existence of GOD or not.