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Thank you sangat ji for your replies

One thing ive noticed is the more i worry about it the more they attack. There is immense guilt aswell, which makes me focus on it even more but then i think if i dnt feel guilty and ask for Guru jis forgiveness then Guru ji may think im not botherrd that im havin these bad thoughts.

Also i often feel helpless that Guru ji will turn his back on me bcoz these thoughts/images can get so revolting..

I agree naam and bani is the answer n i no people struggle and the panj chor attack etc but i just thought they were other vikaars, less severe and it seems like not many people suffer from extreme intrusive thoughts like me so it leaves me wondering why me and do i actuali stand a chance of having a strong jeevan..

The only other thing i can think of is take a positive approach to this problem and see the thoughts as stupid, rather than being scared of them i should ignore em regardless of how bad they may be???