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waheguru ji ka khalsa sri waheguru ji ki fateh This is a topic which needs a lot of time to be explained so i don't think that this short answer can clear up every aspect of this topic. Because we are here to learn something about Sikhism and share our openions and experience with sikh community so i would like to highlight some points that could affect sikhism in someway. After clicking on this link and after reading the answeres on a question from a girl who was in love with some amritdhari sikh boy. But they did not belong to same caste that,s why girl's parents were against their love. Now there are two problems, first...Is caste system importsnt to us than Sikhi? second...Is a amritdhari sikhboy or girl has the right to fall in love with someone.

As far as i know there is no place for caste system in sikhism.According to me if you believe in cast system you are not a sikh and.Inspite of being a sikh if you believe in such system you should convert to a religion that favours cast system.Because sri Guru Nanak Dev ji spent his whole life fighting against caste system and inequality in the society. That's why he started "SANGAT and PANGAT" pratha. And later srai Guru Gobind Singh Ji created "KHALSA PANTH" and one of the fundamental principles of the Khalsa panth was not to believe in caste system. Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji honoured khalsa panth with new identity and raised to a highst level that a humanbeing can ever achieve in his life. But people who disobeying sri Guru Nanak Dev ji and sri Guru Gobind Singh ji by believing in custom like caste system, how can they call themselves sikhs. So now we have to choose, what is important to us Sikhi or custom like caste system, we can't have both. I have posted a new question "Csate system in Sikhism good or bad? what do you think?" i want to know your views on this topic.Later we will discuss this topic in detail.

Now we come to secod point... I think to love somebody is not prohibited in Sikhism.Every humanbeing is made of same material and five senses.As we grow up our body changes, in the young age our needs requirements and demands are different than we had in our childhood and when we get older our body demands different things from us according to our physical and mentaly health. Now question is...Should we do everything what our body and mind requires from us i would say no.Earlier i talked about Mentaly health, this is the main thing. but now question is how can we keep our mind healthy? A healthy mind can be discribed and defined differently by different religions. One more question... can we over come our desires for ever? maybe yes but it is very diffcult for an odinary person and here we are talking about odinary people. i would say we(odinary people) can control our desires but we can't get rid of them forever.They attack on us time to time, if we know how to defend ourselves they(desires) will not harm us. We must keep analysing our mind and notice everything what goes through it. According to me a amritdhari person can have a girl friend. but being a sikh he is expected to be a matured person.As i mentioned above if he knows how to analyse himself and keep his mind healthy he can take decisions of his life. A gursikh should not hide something from his/her parents and teachers.They have experience and can help him/her to take the right decision. parents and teachers must observe their children and students closely. A gursikh must have faith in guru granth sahib. If he/she obey his/her parents and has faith in sikhism, they can choose their life partner.