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Sat shiri Akal, it is very nice that there are some people who think positive about sikhism's future. but the most important thing we should not ignore the reality. i have discussed with non sikhs about sikhism and answered all their questions and made them understand that sikhism is flawles opposite other religions. i was very disappointed to hear that they did not even know basic things about sikhism and they had many prejudices and misperceptions about sikhism and it's culture. why? because nobody told them about sikhism.we feel very proud when we talk abou sikh history.Is this enough? most of the non sikhs don't know even one percent of sikh history. how many people know that sikhs have sacrificed their lives to protact hindus? how many people know that sikhs made a huge contribution (almost 80% to 90%)to indian freedom struggle against british despite being one percent of the indian population at that time? how many people know how many parmvir chakkar have sikhs won for india in wars against pakistan and china? and how many victoria cross have sikhs won for the british in first and second world war? we have to keep in mind that wars need brave soliders to be fought but without strength, wisdom and majority you can not win a war. today we all know that a small family is a happy family, i agree. but look at others for example musilms, they have got 10,15 and even more than 20 children in a family. i don't say that we should do the same.but we have a great challenge to maintain our majority. we have many obstacles and challenges to keep our religion alive in this know Dr. zakir nayak he has created a indian version of islam to impress non muslims and he has suceeded,i have listened his speeches. he tries to explain all the things related to islam with logic.although islam has not much to do with logic like other religions. and sikhism which is modern and based only on logic is fallig back. why? because there is still cast system in sikhism, which damaged sikhism.and there is still dowery system in sikhism. and we dont have enough missionaries like christens ans muslims. we have money and we don't have to change anything in sikhism to make people like it, we just need to tell the world how great this religion is. other very very important thing that prevents non-sikhs to embrace sikhism is the way( ritual, custom) to convert to sikhism that one has to take AMRIT and five KAKARS. many non-sikhs like sikh philosophy and they want to be sikh but they don't want to change their look.that's why they don't convert to sikhism. and what DR. zakir nayak does? he calls a non-muslim to a microphone and ask, do you believe in one god? do you accept mohammand as last prophet? do you believe in idolatory (murti puja)? in two minutes he converts a non-muslim to islam. i like amritdahri singh very much. i am proud of them.i think if we want non-sikhs to accept sikhism then we should make efforts to change their mind not their look. if they accept sikh philosophy and sikhism's rules then they will automatically change their look. i am not amritdhari, but i am proud to be a sikh and our nine guru sdahibaan were also not amritdhgari, what do you think were they not sikhs? what i want to say that we should concentrate on how can we bring the world near to sikhism? we should be ready for change if it is must, like Shiri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and Shiri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. If they had not done changes to sikh philosophy there would not be "Khalsa Panth".i beg your pardon for all the mistakes.Thanks.