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This is very interesting actually.... Because if we look at life in general it's full of examples like the one above. But I can't help but think that if we are determined by the karm of our past lives then there is not much we can do in this life to change what we are supposed to become. It's almost as if life is pointless and that we are slaves to our past. But I cannot help think of two gurbani lines

1 jo mangeh thakur apne te soe soe deve 2 hukameh indar sab ko , bahar hukam na koe

1 What ever I ask for from my lord he gives that to me. How can this be if we are bound by our previous karm and we are not meant to have what we ask for?

2 everybody is inside the order no one is outside of it

This brings forth some ideas of free will. If we are given free will to do as we wish then we are definetly able to get what we want in live. But I don't think this will change the Akaal's hukam as even our will is inside of the hukam and even if we think we have changed our destiny it was still within the hukam.

Additionally it also seems that if we are here to play out our past karma then that means with our free will we can accumulate more karm by our free will. So ultimately it seems we are not limited to anything but rather determined by our past Karma yet we fashion ourselves through our will by what we do in our life here and now.

This is only my opinion from what I have read and does not necessarily mean it is right but if people could discuss this further that would be great.