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Guru Nanak Sahib Ji was a storekeeper. Most storekeepers are interested in turning a profit and don't worry too much about the well-being of the customer - they need to get paid. Guru Nanak Sahib was still held accountable to make a profit in his position. Olden Gursikhs were involved in horse-trade, which is to buy horses and trade them for a profit.

Most jobs that people do are not seva-related. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, construction workers, scientists, plumbers, electricians - they get up and go to work because they need money to live in this world and (if Akaal Purakh does Kirpa) give back to society and do some seva where the opportunity presents itself. We all do jobs to make money. Banking investment, despite its negative connotations recently, is one spoke in the economic wheel that allows society to carry on. Most companies have ethic codes and regulations to prevent unethical behavior.

As long as the Gursikh is not actively looking to violate laws and hurt people/animals/etc., then it seems to be an okay profession.

If your mind is stuck in such profession, then you better think over it.

They are beant bachan of Satguru who will help you answer this question by your self

Why do you do such evil deeds, that you shall have to suffer so? Do not do any evil at all; look ahead to the future with foresight. (asa di var)

It shall not go along with you when you depart - why do you bother to collect it? Tell me, why do you try so hard to acquire that which you must leave behind in the end? Forgetting the Lord, how can you be satisfied? Your mind cannot be pleased. One who forsakes God, and attaches himself to another, shall be immersed in hell. Be kind and compassionate to Nanak, O Lord, and dispel his fear. ||10||

For the sake of the world, people have lost their faith. ||5||