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fateh, bibiji do not worry this man may have been a missionary and you know how they feel towards taksal damami takhsal are one of the custodians of gurbani the guru has mad them the taksal (school) of the shabad and it is at damdama sahib that the guru composed the sri guru granth sahib ji i dont beilieve that a senchi printed by damdami taksal would be problamatic infact you would be getting bani that has been checked thousands of times for mistakes proof read thousands of times. damdami takhsal are one of the most reliable printers of gurbani we have it is somewhat impossible that they would make mistakes in gurbani, if you see gurbani and various different swaroops of adhi sri guru garnth sahib ji then you will see in some places some words are splet differntly the others, damdami takhsal would be printing the exact beer written by gur gibind singh ji scribed by bhai mani singh ji and re written by baba deep singh ji therefor this is the most reliable beer/swaroop and therefore there is no problam at all. some people like to confuse others with there own views these senchis are very reliable. do not worry.