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Personal belief is that pad ched saroop may have got more people aware of Sikhi but it has bought in a whole load of other detrimental Panthic wide issues.

For example: People claiming to be gianis running Gurdwarai Losing Gurbani Viakaran understanding Losing tat Gurmat parchaar Losing ekta

The concept of Gurbani being easier to read has meant any tom dick and harry who can read Punjabi comes over to the western countries and calls himself a giani. Majority of the Gurdwara problems are related to un-giani like people who claim to be gianis, yet when asked to explain tat Gurmat, they falter, they fail in their job to do parchaar, because they are not gianis, they are people who want a job and to get money.

Would these same people claiming to be gianis come into the “profession” if Gurbani was in Larrivaar? Doubt it! Those serious people interested in Gurbani and its meaning would do the “job” and hence the time spent on understanding Gurbani meaning and viakaran could be disseminated to the sangat. There would not be as many people doing this as a “job” therefore less numbers would mean less people to run Gurdwarai. Less Gurdwarai means communities have to work together more and put ego aside, as opening a new Gurdwara is more of a difficulty if you cant find they “gianis” to run it….

The issue with not many others being well versed in Larrivaar… why don’t we do what we are meant to do and get on with becoming better at reading Larrivaar? Why do we have to wait for others to help us? Have we not missed the point that we are not meant to have a middle man. Our relationship is with God directly, not through a giani…

With pad ched, we have also come to the stage that we now know best. We know better than Guru Sahib who had originally written it in Larrivaar and justify this by saying many other people have got high avastha and darshan from pad ched. It is one thing having the real King gives orders, it is another for someone wearing the Kings clothes and giving orders… Also please have a cursory look at the quality of knowledge of the Singhs and Singhnia prior 1940’s and have a look now. How many of us understand viakaran and Gurmat to the standard of the Singhs of the early 1900’s….? Why and how have we lost this knowledge…?

As we know think we know better than Guru Sahib now, groups have also started to think the same way. Be it Jatha, taksal, nihung dals….etc each one claims to be correct in the pad ched of Gurbani. Each produce Gutkai with their pad ched understanding and explain why they are correct. Gurbani is agam agaad bodh is very rarely said (unless you come to this forum) because everything is pad ched so therefore we know best. The concept of sitting down and discussing from a Gurbani Viakaran point of view is very rarely done. We focus just on rough translations and not on the grammer… all because of Larrivaar being broken into pad ched.

We will never get ekta under the banner of Pad ched saroops. The Gursikhs who will bring ekta will be those who are educated in Gurbani Viakaran and practice tat Gurmat, like the Lahore Singhs from the Singh Sabha Movement. Ekta will not come or be led by those who do not have the Gurmat knowledge or Gurmat lifestyle.