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Try and find a video on how they do parkash of sri dasam granth sahib at hazuur sahib. I will give you a run through of what happens. FIRST guru maharaj dhan guru granth sahib ji's parkash is done first then their hukam is taken. After that dasam granth sahib ji's parkash is done. So if you want guru maharaj and dasam granth to prkash at the same time Guru granth sahub ji's should be done first.

Guru granth sahib should be give all supremacy so there should be two manjis one for each granth. like at hazur sahib guru jis should be bigger because they are the guru. also both Saroops should be kept in separate beds and guru ji's should be bigger to show they are the guru and king.

the parkash of dasam granth should be the same as maharaj. a chaur should be waved and the saroop must be wrapped in a rumala with a rumala on top of that like you would do with guru ji and you should say "dhan guru gobind singh ji" and say vaheguru while doing the parkash. the palki should be set out like guru jis with cushions and rumlals.

sukhasan should also be done the same way as maharaj.

hope this helps