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"if a person is already married when he/she takes Amrit, and the husband or wife has not taken Amrit, the should can not have a sexual relationship until both become Amritdhaari. If the couple, have sexual intercourse, they have both broken their rehat just as a clean pot becomes dirty if it touches a dirty one. A husband and wife should take Amrit together, and thus keep their rehat intact. It is not sufficient, for just the husband OR wife to take Amrit upon marriage." This is direct quote from Damdami Taksal website.

I think if a women takes amrit and husband does not then can you guarantee that they will not have physical relationship? NO, they will. Both of them have to understand that why it is important.

Guru ji knows everything. If your mom's friends sister wanted to take amrit and could not because of her husband and then she died, it does not mean that she will get into 84 lakhs joons. Maybe Guru ji took her so that she can be born again as a human and take amrit before marriage.

We are human beings and cannot tell what GUruji's plans are for us. We just have to accept them. Nothing happens in this world without Guruji's will