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waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh,

number one there areseveral prayers that a sikh reads but they arnt all from guru granth sahib ji some are from dasam guru granth sahib ji the secound granth for the sikhs.

Morning; japji, jaap, tav prasaad sawaye, chaupai and annad sahib these are the five morning prayers. sukhmani sahib ,asa di vaar and shabad hazare are also done as extras. and concluded with the ardass and dohra

in evening one does the prayer called the sodar rehrass sahib. this is concluded with a prayer called arrti sahib and then the ardass and dohra

at night the prayer sri kirtan sohilla sahib is done this prayer in concluded with the final ardass of the day along with some simran if one wishes.

now if one wishes to know more then you can contact me at [email protected]