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Just, let the time spent, assuming the future to be good and impliment some practices as discussed below.

Continue to do path, and must you must start SEWA in gurudwara sahib if possible.

Develop yourself psychologically, sukh-dukh is a part of life. It is very tough to develop psychology upto that extent where, "JO nar dukh main dukh nahi manai", ANG 633

SEWA, SIMRAN, Listening to KATHA, Kirtan slowly Develops the Power of mind to face harsher than harshest situation.

Spent some time in reading spiritual books, especially JIVANIs of some saint, Gurus, whatever you want. Only solution to your problem is "enhance +ve energy".

Try to escape out of -ve elements.

If you are getting tired by performing religious practices all the day, just watch good movies. WATCH ONLY RECOMMENDED MOVIES, like LIFE OF PIE, War of worlds, The Secret (documentary), Religious movies(Sahid BABA DEEP SINGH G, CHOTE SAAHIBZAIDYAAN DI SAHIDI)

Songs like Alla k bande hasde (kailash Kher), etc.

You can share your qualification, hobbies, interests for more suggestion, to solve financial matters also. [email protected]