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Thanks for the answer, but my queries were misinterpreted, check the alignment of answers and please answer again.

  1. She was a girl quite decent(in first and second year only), and had shown her will to folllow me....(indirectly)..( Can't be explained).
  2. Later, she become a good friend of some other girl after which she has loosen all her good qualities, Poor/Horrible dressing sence, etc. I fear she might not have started to visit night clubs, consuming liquor, as her friend was likely to be. However i can't expect such thing from her.

First 2 years, she has tried hard to come closer to me, but fail to even talk. Both of us failed to initiate friendship, or simple discussions during work in lab (in groups of 3).

Also, now i have left her with full respect, no bad comments ( Directly or indirectly or even among my friends)....and Left this as grace of GOD.

Nor i am worried about some suitable match.

I am just worried about my behaviour .( not talking to her even she was very serious, may have reflected my EGO/Attitude). According to my perception (by looking her behavious)and some secret sources, she started to hate assuming it as my MALE EGO (as i have not initiated even after her initiative after 3 years)

I am feeling guilty , assuming i have huge EGO/MALE EGO, I don't know whether it or not. Should I need to change myself ?

Thanks [email protected]