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Nobody can answer this question except god or his messenger, any sant/mahapurkh.

Well, according to my perception, as i red jivaani sant baba nand singh ji (kaleran waale).Some animals have good karams who live near by religious places, as baba ji have explained life of many animals that were rescued from cycle by baba ji.

But still we cant make decision, regarding the entry of animals into gurudwara sahib.

  1. sangat disturbance.
  2. Animal may spread waste.
  3. Animal can't listen gurbani, understand, impliment and hence can't improve its life.

Exceptionally, there can be a situation where sant/mahapurkh can rescue some animal. But that is the decision of sant, we need not to worry about that.

Our Motive is to improve ourself. Leave the rest on god.

Dont know the conclusion, but still it may help.