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@meet you have lot of questions that is good but without knowing one's answer, your asking another. that's not good practice. Your Maan(Heart) is taking control over you and this way you will not find any peace. Grow Patients (your very impatient)...

my advice is to listening katha of Gurbani should be in Indian Languages only i.e,. Punjabi... Why... it has more deep meaningful understanding. (Punjabi like Sanskrit is the Language of 7 different sounds).

virginity in English means (not having sex) but in Gurbani it can have many different meanings. (Gurbani is Poetic). any Word/Line you explorer should be in consideration of complete Line as well as Stanza...

khinthaa kaal kuaaree kaaeiaa jugath ddanddaa paratheeth | Let the remembrance of death be the patched coat you wear, let the purity of virginity be your way in the world, and let faith in the Lord be your walking stick.

it means (in very short lines):

Guruji says bhagat's, yogi's used to remember death all the time. eg,. Bhagat Kabeerji as well as Mahadev Shiv used to seat and meditate on Naam(Name of the Lord: Waheguru / Om) at shamshan ghat (Place where Bodies are cremated),. so they can always remember Death. there thinking was by always remembering death (by Fear in Heart). One cannot forgot about God. Always remembrance of God (by Fear of death)....

Mahadev shiv was true Yogi whereas Bhagat Kabeerji only meditated at shamshan ghat but he lived his life got married had childrens that is our Guruji updesh.

Guru Nanak Dev ji said, don't only think of Death but also living because one day you lived is also one day closer to death; meaning living and dying happening at the same time(keep this in mind). Naam Japna (Meditate), Wand Chakna (Sharing) and Kirt Kamai (Truthful Living) are the three golden rules as guided by Guru Nanak Dev ji.

"purity of virginity": flaw of converting into English. here in this Line purity and virginity are the same meaning. During meditating on Naam(One should keep his heart Clean, Pure, Virgin). Why... only then you can truly meditate on Naam. How one can concentrate on Naam by thinking about Lust, ego, anger, attachment, Greed? (Heart can only abides one "God" or "Sinful acts", but not together) i am going to stop here. Guru Govind Singh ji said: Gurbani is a ocean, deeper you go more you understand but cannot know everything. Only God is limitless; we(Human-being) are idiots to say God is limitless (we are also limiting by saying limitless).

"How is this suppose to help a person who is not a virgin before marriage" Guru Govind Singh ji Orders (Commands)to Khalse:

He then ordained them to do the following:

I. First they must wear the following articles whose names begin with 'K':

  1. Kes- unshorn hair. This represents the natural appearance of saintlihood. This is the first token of

Sikh faith.

  1. Kanga- A comb to clean the hair.

  2. Kachha- An underwear to denote chastity.

  3. Kara- A steel bracelet on the wrist, a symbol of dedication to the Divine Bridegroom.

  4. Kirpan- A sword for self-defence and a symbol of dignity, power and unconquerable spirit.

II. They must observe the following guidelines:

  1. Not to remove hair from the body.

  2. Not to use Tobacco or other intoxicants.

  3. Not to eat 'Kutha', a meat of an animal slaughtered by slow degrees as done by the Muslims.

  4. Not to commit adultery- 'Par nari ki sej, bhul supne hun na jayo' (never enjoy, even in dream, the bed of a

woman an other than your own wife) (A supplementary ordinance was issued that any one who did not

observe any of the four directives, must be re- baptized, pay a fine, and promise not to offend

any more; or he must be excommunicated from the Khalsa).