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by the grace of the true Guru

Anand Shaib: O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. This family(Friends, relatives) which you see shall not go along with you. They shall not go along with you, so why do you focus your attention on them? Don't do anything that you will regret in the end. Listen to the Teachings of the True Guru - these shall go along with you.

Says Nanak, O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever. ||11||

By keeping Kesh (Hair) you have committed to your true Guru. This feeling you are having its because of emptiness from inside, start going to Gurudwara daily, ask Granthi ji to explain you daily Hukamnama. do Nitneem, listen to Gurbani while speaking Shabad. be patient.

this practice will fulfill all your desires. but it takes sometime.

Bhagat Kabeer ji Bani: Kabeer, Maaroo: Meditate in remembrance on the Lord, or else you will regret it in the end, O mind. O sinful soul, you act in greed, but today or tomorrow, you will have to get up and leave. ||1||Pause|| Clinging to greed, you have wasted your life, deluded in the doubt of Maya. Do not take pride in your wealth and youth(looks, beauty); you shall crumble apart like dry paper(dead body are burnt/buried in the end). ||1|| When the Messenger of Death comes and grabs you by the hair, and knocks you down, on that day, you shall be powerless. You do not remember the Lord, or vibrate upon Him in meditation, and you do not practice compassion; you shall be beaten on your face. ||2|| When the Righteous Judge of Dharma calls for your account, what face will you show Him then?

Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints: in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall be saved. ||3||1||

it doesn't matter if non-sikh people not find you handsome/beautiful but the sikhs do. Lord made us the way we are, Hairs are the gift to us. Lord God loves it and that all it matters to us. Removing it is Disrespecting our Lord. its up to you. Question yourself: Where do you want to be horned, is it in Lords House or in this false world?