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Hey! As a girl I totally understand your insecurities with your body, but at the end of the day it is exactly how God wanted you to be, right? These kind of things can be sooo extremely difficult for us to accept, I get it. So many of us are so engrossed in making our "bodies", so to speak , the most appealing. Take me for example. I was on my third day today for this military diet thing because I am going to India next week, so I thought I should lose some weight. Well this whole diet is bogus and completely disgusting to say the least. Then as I was sitting in my room, I remembered that I really never have cared about what others have thought me, so why now? I know where I stand and I know God will forever love me regardless of my appearance. If God loves us, then why should seek affection from anybody else? No one could possibly ever match Gods love for us. So learn to love yourself and accept who you are because maybe no one else ever will (besides God of course!). I think what others think/say about us is really none of our business. Don't give into this pressure that you need implants, trust me, you are so beautiful for who you are and for what God has made you. God has already chosen your husband and I am sure he will love every part of who you are! God bless you! :)