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Hi meet, well as far my understanding goes it (spaced out) means that there is no more existence required an out of space condition, we require space to exist but going beyond space will make us infinite. Akal Purakh is infinite he has no form as such which we humans can imagine and Gurbani always tells us and urges us to merge back into Waheguru. Now what it's like going back to our source. We define god as infinite, omnipresence , omnipotent which has no end no beginning. So when we say that once we are liberated and when we become one with god it means that our consciousness attains the same status like that of Akal Purakh, so we experience the same bliss as being infinite , omnipotent etc coz there is no difference btw us and Akal, we go beyond KAL and hence we don't require Space to exist so it's called as the state of being spaced out.

Lower Chakras indicate Worldly attachments and when we don't rid ourselves from Worldly attachments then we have to take birth again and again so it means that we get entangled in Worldly things and never get freed from it. That's why we should do all our efforts to strive hard to achieve higher Chakras.