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no no no, you guys have it wrong, the kurehats are strict practises that a sikh must not follow, in sikhi there are clear destictions between what is good and what is bad. dont take the 3ho, sikh net videos to heart they are guiding but yiu have to look at the greater picture. you need to understand that what yogi bhajan taught wasnt just sikhi but to be honest the philossphy behind. what the line means by there is no such thinga as right or wrong suggests that no matter how you look at something the actions you do cant be judged by people but only god. for that game coud go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and............................................

drinking alchohol smoking meat eating rape cutting the kes these are the five eavil bajjar kurehats. we must not commit them and so it is easy as our lifstyle is no where near these. now how pepople deal with them selfes is another topic completely and i think taht is the source of your question, because if your are questioning the guru your are doing great nindya and i believe you wernt at this momment in time.

self forgiveness forgivness humanity prayer meditation naam salvation etc etc....... what ever you may caal it is somthing we all come across through the guru and that is what we must find. i dont think you should question the reason of rehat in the future.

as i have said before think before you post on these forums many of your questions are meaningless and thoughtless

waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh