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Honestly if you really love your husband then you should stay with him. Even though he did you wrong still he is the father of your kids and the love of your life. Everyone makes mistakes if he wanted he could have left u and married that women but he hasn't so there's hope. Also you have 3 kids think about your kids and how their lives are going to be after then divorce. Aapne bache pls na rolo. Think about the kids before yourself. Also in Sikhi dharam a Sikh women only has one husband once she's married he is her world. Chaaheh Hun oho(husband) chaangah hoveh jaa maraa hoveh you have to accept it. I really feel like u still love him so by all means pls cancel the divorce.. Accept his flaws and mistakes give him another chance.. As a wife you should stay by your husbands side and explain to him what's wrong and what's right in a loving manner.. Show him so much love and affection that he cannot even think about another lady.. Make him stay busy with his kids that he regrets he ever thought about another women other than the mother of his kids.. I really hope and pray you guys stay together and the divorce is canceled