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Sat Siri Akal!

I think you are doing absolutely correct. You are remembering the Giver, the Doer of all the things. You are praying the one who actually is the Creator and who actually will create the results of your exams. Some people do pakhand by going to some dhokhe baz babbe. You are doing right. But I think there is nothing to hide from your parents. Rather, you should create an example for them too. And maybe your all can gather and do it together! Although you are doing Paath and Ardaas to pass your exams. Remember that this Paath and Ardaas that you do actually serves a more bigger purpose than passing a worldly exam. We all will die, and go to Dharamraj ( as Guru Granth Sahib ji says). At that time, this paath and Ardaas that you have done in this life will save you. So just keep in mind that it is very beneficial to you. Also,Guru Sahib ji tells us to be desire less. I normally do Ardaas telling Guru ji and say it is all your Will and please make me happily accept your Will with peace. I normally dont say that make me pass a test. I rather say that whatever you do is acceptable to me. And Guru Sahib ji helps us :)