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fateh ji, bibi ji you have answered your own question. you are brave for standing up for your self welldone. One who can not stand upp for you is not worthy of being your husabnd. One freid of mine has said that when some one sits on the fence for to long that fence will stick where the sun dont shine and they will never move. divorce is a serios thing but when the man who you feel knows your though etc, shouldnt he have sorted out your predicament. If you disagree with the doctrines of a pakhandi baba or simply a mahapursh then your family should support you.

i understand your situation and your need peace and healing freedom away from dukh.

a very good suggestion is when you have time sit and simply breath in and out. breath sat- exhale -naam but do not use your voice. whilst doing this smile. this ius a good meditatation. another good meditation is 'guru guru waheguru guru ramdas guru"- meditate on this for about 30mins by doing so you will be calling guru ramdas to come and help you in your problems.

do ardass and ask for guidence from waheguru.

listen to or recite sukhmani sahib and dukh bhanjani sahib. emerse your self in gurbani and the guru healing touch.

funnily enough when you do this you will want to take amrit afterwards this is mainly because you have healed your pain but joined your self with the guru.


waheguruji kak halsa waheguruji ki fateh