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Gurfateh ji,

The beauty of Sikhi and gurbani is that there is no such thing as doing a specific bani in order to achieve a specific thing in long as you do paath with your heart not your mind or just for the sake of doing it. There are many instances in the Gurus' time when our Gurus would hear a devotee do paath with a lot of as a reward they would tell the devotee that they will give the devotee whatever it wants...and the devotee asks for something, without realising that the Guru had something much bigger in store for them, and that what they asked for, was nothing in compared to what the Guru was planning on giving them. So I guess I am just saying that when you do paath don't do it for a wish to be fulfilled, as our Guru will give it to us or something even greater if he wishes to do so...I hope that makes sense :)

Bhul chuk muaf karna