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waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh,

I really feel for you, and am saddened to know that you are having a hard time trying to establish your identity due to the choices your mother has made. However, trust me this is the beginning of the most beautiful journey you will experience in your whole lifetime, and I sincerely congratulate you for making a decision to walk this path, and you won't ever look back :) Before saying anything else I do not want to dishearten you but just want to let you know that this path is described to be khanneo tikhi valo nikki in other words sharper than a khanda (double edged sword) and finer than a hair. I guess what I am trying to say is that yes this path is difficult and at some points in time you will find it hard, however it is the same for anyone embarking this spiritual journey and good things in life are always hard to do. Anyway, the khalsa panth is always there to support each other, so I am sure that you will find someone who can understand you...whether it is another sikh friend or God himself :)

Now to the nitty gritty of this all! Speaking as an amritdhari teenager myself the first thing I would say is learn about Sikh history and its background/beliefs. You should do this by reading saakhis (historical stories, watching videos on youtube or even going to the Gurudwara (which can be hard since you probably won't be able to go unless your mum lets you). In order to embrace Sikhi you need to learn to love, you need to be able to feel the pain when a fellow Sikh has been hurt or when you hear of the downfall of Sikhs in Punjab. So I guess the main point here is create a beautiful bond between yourself and Sikhi... that will get you EXTREMELY far and will motivate you to do things. So again in order to do this you need knowledge first.

Aside from this you also need to have a strong connection with Punjabi which is our mother tongue. This is because this is the only way you will able to read and understand Gurbani as well as pray (although you can get translations in English, however its not the same thing). You can learn Punjabi through the internet, going to the local gurudwara and talking to the elderly or maybe even ask your mum to speak Punjabi with you while your at home!

After a strong connection grows between you and Sikh (and Punjabi) it will be very easy for you to live the Sikh lifestyle and you may even want to become amritdhari (a baptised Sikh). Although there are many obstacles on this path, you will be successful because if there is a will there is a way, and the biggest thing is that you have God on your side!

The last thing I wanted to say was that there have been many instances where a Sikh child grows up with an unsupportive family and does not know much about their culture, so in other words it is not uncommon to be in such a situation. Anyhow, these people end up being extremely successful and due to their experiences in life are very open and down to earth beings. I truly have faith that you will be too :) here are some examples that may inspire you to be determined.

This is Bhai Sukha Singh's biography/interview/katha he is an inspiring young Sikh who was born and brought up in England with an atheist grandfather however he is now a very spiritual Sikh, whose Punjabi is perfect and he also knows Persian btw! This is the person who inspired me to become a committed Sikh :) Oh and he does talks for the youth which btw are extremely convenient cos they are in english :) Here are a couple of links:


Another inspiring person is Bibi Balpreet Kaur who faced many problems due to her misunderstanding mother and facial hair, here are some links:


One last thing I would like to introduce you to is a channel called 'Basics of Sikhi' I believe it will be very useful for you :) here's the link-

Anyway that was really ling! haha but I seriously hope that this works for you and as your sister this is the least I can do! If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask and I can also give you my email :)

Good luck in future and I hope you are successful :P

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

oh also one more important point start doing the mool mantar or simran (repeating waheguru waheguru with your heart, not mind!) because that will really help you...and do ardas to God everyday that he help you, and he really will!