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waheguruji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh,

dear singhni, you are most defenetly having the experiance of remembering your past life. akal purak has given you the chance to live as a sikh again sort your affairs out and unite you died a shaheed and was rewarded once again as a sikh falling at the feat of your guru.

remember to gain higher understanding one must read bania from dasam guru granth sahib ji sarbloh guru granth sahib ji and adhi sri satguru granth sahib ji (ssggsj)

make sure you follow reaht and do lots of simran you need to connect to god and understand what you have to do hear you have a mission to fulfill make sure you do so.


something you may have forgotten was a message in the dream. For without it you were powerless but with it you came to aid. remember the almighty iron is your protector, akal purak the guru the khalsa and your self.

.this is all i can tell you at this time if you wish to know more contact me at; [email protected]

waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh