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  • Dude, Can i be honest? Brother to brother. What the hell is wrong with you homie. You Chasing now, bro. Forget it. If you chase maya it will chew you and spit you out like it never happened.
  • Once you got a good job with Maharaj's kirpa and ask your local Granthi singh to find you a gursikh bride and you yourself are not a kurehtia and are doing your Nitnem mornign and evening, Everything will fall into place. Trust me.
  • I dont wanna say anymore, i am just disgusted your chasing girls bro. Like what are you thinking. Be great in school and get a good job, so that you have a better family life. Your going at this backwards. If not this bibi then someother gursikh bibi, who cares as along as she is gursikh. Bro, I am assuming your Gursikh.