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Sat Nam jio,

That was a beautiful story, my dear, and very moving. My condolences and prayers to you for this tough time. What struck me was the similarity of your story to the time when my grandparents passed away. My grandmother had a massive heart attack and it was my grandfather who found her. My grandfather passed away a month later while being in a coma, probably out of grief for his loss. It was very tough, but my emotions didn't fully express themselves to me until a few years later. It is very important that you talk about your feelings during this time, whether on this forum or with friends and other family members. There is a grieving period that is usually set aside afterwards in the Punjabi culture, so participate in that as much as you feel comfortable.

You were destined to find your grandmother when you did. However you feel that you were brought there is your own special knowledge. Your intuition is growing and becoming stronger. But remember that it is important to express your feelings. Cry, talk, laugh, reflect. You need to make sure all of this comes out and is not put away. Share stories with your family about your grandmother. Celebrate her life. Feel awe for the years she has lived and the experiences she has had. Feel grateful that she had a happy day before she passed away. Know that God had her, and has her now. She is in the best place she can be. Be grateful.

And Nihang ji is right in the fact that her soul has probably reached the next incarnation or has gone elsewhere. Unless God shows you (and He shows whenever He feels as though you need to know), you don't have to worry about it. Let her go. All things go back to God, as they all came from that Energy. A soul longs to merge with the One, and Death is the mechanism that does it. It's only a passing period, where the soul gratefully releases the physical body and returns Home. It's as natural as birth, part of the cycle that you are coming to know. From Death there comes Life, as the death of an old tree gives rise to another generation.

Last year, when I arrived at my college, I stood at the cliffside and looked into the ocean that spread before me. I watched the pull of the waves, patiently bringing life to the shore and taking it away. I let my mind wander. Then I closed my eyes, held the railing and chanted long "Akal"s for all of the people who I had loved and who had passed on during my lifetime and before. I really put my entire feeling into it and every successive "Akal" took away a layer of pain I did not know I was carrying. I did it for five minutes, but when I opened my eyes I felt tears all over my face, as if something had released itself. And I knew, intuitively, that those souls who had heard my chants were better for it. Go to a quiet place and do the same for your grandmother. Really focus your attention on releasing your grandmother into Light. God has you, my dear. I wish you the best and do feel free to continue to post your feelings as you are going through your process.

God bless you on your journey.