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  • Bro I know you are in trouble and in these situations only Bani can help you.
  • Can you do Paath?...thats the 1st thing that should come to your mind, if it hasnt already. Guruji will take care of the rest.
  • Remember, nothing happens outside Guru sahib's hukam. So what good is in this situation , we as humans can hardly see it right now. I am sure Maharaj's got a complex plan for you and your mom and usually if we show the desire to guru ji that we want to be close to him and that we want to do what he requires us to do, then he will surely take care of us, unequivocally.
  • Giani Raam Singh DDT said one time, "Kala jaadoo causes ghosts to haunt us. A person who does their morning Nitnem can never be touched by such evil. But if he does not, no need to call upon the ghosts, that person is a ghost himself."
  • God bless u brother and ur mum.