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Sat Nam,

Thank you for writing your question. No, God will not "punish" you. Please do not feel like there is some external God who is waiting to punish you for "sins". This question has been asked by many people previously, as recorded in the Sikh Youth Forum Archives. You can find many answers by searching with the keywords "hair". I think it has been asked and answered on this new forum, too.

But, there is a scientific reason NOT to cut hair, which you will find in your search. Think of hair as antennae. Every hair has a specific function, and when you cut it, it's like damaging the end of an antenna, thus inhibiting function. As Sikhs we believe in keeping our body in tact the way the One has created us, because each part of the body serves a function, however subtle it is. Also, whenever you shave or cut it, it keeps growing back! It's tiresome and irritating to the body to have to spend so much nutrient, time and energy growing back new hair when it can be focused on regenerating your immune and nervous systems.

It's not that cutting hair is "bad", but there are reasons (positive ones!) for keeping your hairs. The Guru wants us to be the best human being we can be, and hair helps us to live to that highest and most exalted of statuses. It's up to you to decide what you want to do. Try to grow out your hairs for a while and just leave them alone and see how you feel. Trust me, when you come to your own understanding about how your hairs benefit you, you will feel so much better and in control of yourself. Take your time, and be easy on yourself.

Check out this video, too, from SikhNet, which addresses all of your questions: The Purpose of Hair.

God bless you.