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Sat Nam,

This video will help you understand your question a little bit better. It probably answers your entire question!

I used to feel the same way, for years. What helped me was laying out my fears on the table, and going through them. I know you wanted a Gurbani answer, but part of the process and understanding comes from facing your fears and your whirlwind of thoughts. Meditate each day, in broad daylight. Understand darkness, too. Embrace it. Know that nothing can harm you UNLESS you let it. Guru ji lives inside of you. How can anything hurt you if you TRUST that connection? You are stuck in your fear, not because you are actually afraid of all of those things, but because you have identified with your fear so much you are ENTRENCHED in it! Knowing that, you can slowly get yourself out of it, through meditation on the Naam, and reaffirming your reality.

I'd say, don't listen to too many people's recommendations. Trust yourself and your Guru and reaffirm your reality. Look at your life as a whole. Am I eating right? Am I drinking enough water? (which was my problem), too much sugar? etc. If ghost stories, horror movies and other things create irrational fear, try to limit how much you consume UNTIL you have mastered your fear. I had the same problem myself and now I can enjoy them with ease. It will take time, but you will be stronger and more evolved when you realize that these fears are all in your head.

Also, as a note, Guru is watching you, and you may "feel" that you are being watched, but understand what a wonderful thing that is! Imagine an army of angels around you with swords drawn, daring any "thing" to look your way! You are being PROTECTED and GUIDED, not stared at like prey. Look into the mirror and say "My Guru is so close to me, and is letting me know I am not weak, small or defenseless. I am brave, and He knows it!"

God bless you with this gift of fearlessness!