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Dear Anonymous,

You should seek forgiveness from Guru Ji for your action, and also apologize sincerely to the women you met online. If you truthfully and with your hearts content, humbly ask for forgiveness to Guru Ji, it will be granted at his will, having understanding of why your action was not correct will help build that deep inner content. Having premarital sex is forbidden not only in Sikhi, but in many other religions, remember they all lead to the same path, Guru Ji. Don't ever do it again until your married, consider this lesson and warning from Guru Ji in your life. You should always be respectful, polite, kind and helpful to women, don't follow society's display of what women represent (sex objects), look at your own sister and mother to obtain how you feel you should treat and look upon other women. This includes both mentally and physical as well. This of course isn't easy, but no one ever said being a Sikh is easy to begin with. Unknowingly, you have disrespected Guru Ji by having premarital sex without his consent (marriage) with one of his dearest daughters, you've also shown disrespect to the women's parents with such an action, even if you married her, you would more or less hide this truth from them forever! When deciding on a potential partner for marriage, sexual intercourse should be the last of your worries, for that is not the only purpose of marriage, especially at an early stage. Question yourself this, Are you at an age your ready for marriage both in mind, body and soul? Have you finished your education? Do you have a full-time stable job? etc. Back away from this relation for sometime, or cool it at least, there's no rush. You shouldn't be alone with her anymore unless a parent or friend is around, once you've been prone to lust with that action, your mind will play more tricks, if you don't do naam simran or recite Gurbani faithfully and with devotion, you will fall prey to repeating the act, don't even for a moment think you can control the energy, you will hopelessly fail. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being rude or impolite, I just want you to understand the seriousness of why you should think things over :). Regarding if its lust or a genuine connection, think about why you posted this question? Your inner conscious is telling you something listen to it, why do you both have doubts, recite the Guru's bani, go to the Gurdawara, do seva, avoid talking to her from sometime, loosen the attachment, and THEN see with a clear mind what do I feel. What's the hurry if you defer judgment for 6 months or a year? Patience is a virtue. I wish you the best, make the right decision, make Guru Ji proud that your his Sikh, everyone experiences downfalls, just learn to rise from them. :)

Namastwang Akaale, Namastwang Kirpaale!