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Dear Gurpreet,

What all you need is an example. Take my example! I was 8 when I took amrit. Many people think that at such an age it could have been my parents who would have forced me to do so but, its not true. It was my wish to take amrit. None of my family members were amritdhari. I don't know from where this thing came into my mind but whatever it was, I loved it. Nobody allowed me to do so at first. I would just just see the amritdhari people and argue with my mum that why cant i be like that? At last, When I came into 1st grade after compelling my parents so much , they allowed me to take amrit. what all I want to explain is that do something yourself. You cant take it easily , fight for it! I was just 8 but you are 18! Can you see the difference? Only ardaas cant help. Do the ardaas and try yourself. If waheguru will want to you to be amritdhari, if it is there written in your life , you will get it. Hope I helped.

At your service, Manismran Kaur