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Dear Meet,

I think "Desire less" means to be satisfied with what Guru Ji has already given you, accepting life's pros and cons as they become present, not being attached or so obsessed about something in worldly life that it starts pulling you away from Guru Ji. The state of "desire less" is not something that one can attain themselves, it's surely by the grace of Guru Ji, I believe it would be a fairly high spiritual stage to become totally desire less. If you read about great Sant Ji's or even the Guru's I think you'd get the type of examples/role models your looking for. There's nothing wrong with playing sports; however, you should play in a humble mentality, in the sense you don't let ego/pride, jealously, anger and revengeful energy consume your ability to focus. I apologize if I may have misinterpreted your question incorrectly, feel free to be more specific.

Namastwang Akaale, Namastwang Kripaale