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Dear Anonymous,

Everyone goes through situations in life where doubt rises in the mind and prevents one’s mind from focusing on god purely. Guru ji is never angry with his children, he's all love :), having firm faith in Guru ji doesn't mean just to have faith in good times, it also means in the hard times. As long as your ardas is with full devotion, love and faith in Guru Ji, you won't be disappointed. Consider it like a test of faith or obstacle in life in which you must overcome with the help, grace and blessing of Guru Ji. You sound very positive in having faith in ardas, so keep doing it, don't let your mind take over and destroy your faith, the mind's habit is to sink in with emotions (i.e sadness) and drag you lower, whereas reciting Gurbani and mediating on God uplifts a person even through hard times. Google "Sikh Sakhi's" and read about all the tough times the Guru's went through and the beloved Sikh's, regardless of the harsh situation they never lost faith in Guru Ji, they accepted the situation as Guru Ji's will and as a gift. Remember, as you think, so you become, develop strong will power to face your hardship, as Guru Ji for the strength. Listen and Recite Chaupai Sahib (Google search or on Youtube), each time you recite it, you'll be requesting personal protection from Guru Ji, listen and try to understand it’s meaning, it will really help. Listen to it and recite it whenever you feel sad or discouraged. No matter how many times you fall, keep getting back up, the more faith and devotion you have in Guru Ji, the easier it will be to get back up as he will lift you himself. :) Please forgive me if I've said anything wrong or disheartening.

Yours faithfully,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.