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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I can understand how you feel. It is true that every Guru Ka Sikh wants to install Gursikhi in his/her children, but it is all Guru Sahib's Will.

Everything happens because of Guru Sahib's Will and individual's past Karams. We all are bound by Karams of previous and this life. It is only when our Karams finish up, then we meet Waheguru. You also wished that your child would walk on Guru ji's Path but it is hard to understand that this creation is all His, and He does as He pleases. Even though we want our family to be Sikhs, but we should understand that nothing is ours, it is His creation. I understand it is easy to say but hard to do. As Guru ji's Sikhs and part of Khalsa, look at other children who have so much love for Guru Sahib in our Panths. They are our brother sisters, and children as well.

Also, do not think that anything went wrong in your parenting. Again, it is Maharaj's Will. He makes us do, speak, behave the way He wants. He is making your daughter function according to His Will as well.

What you can do is do Ardaas to Maharaj. I have seen families change drastically. In my own family, I have seen miracles happening. I have been going through very same phase previously. I would be depressed and constantly put all my effort to make my family close to Guru Sahib ji. But one elderly Sikh told me - If you yourself focus on becoming True Gursikh, all your ancestors will get Guru's love. I do not know what that moment was when she was telling me this, but by His Grace those words got stuck in my heart and I left trying so hard to bring my family towards Sikhi and put all that energy in making myself close to Guru ji. Now, my family also is moving towards Sikhi.