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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Waheguru... Maharaj does not like peole who steal others Kirpa using Ridhi Sidhi. People can get Shaktis by performing ridhi sidhi but Guru ji says they can never obtain Darshann like this. Its good you concentrated on Guru ji. But if I were you and felt somebody was doing these evil things... I would call Waheguru Waheguru out in my mind really loudly.. Soo many Nihungs and All the Guru Sahib would come to protect all the Sangat. I would loudly in my mind ask for protection. You can do seva now to protect other people. Never go near those people again who do these evil things, warn all the sangat as much as you can that these things happen there. Also, do Ardaas to Maharaj ji and say Guru ji please protect sangat and give sojhi (sumatt) to people who do evil things. Try to tell elder Gursikhs that this happens so he/she can do something.

Also, if you or other Sangat feels a difference... do not loose your mind and do constant kamai to get everything back. Do Ardaas