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has he had janam sanskaar Purpose : To introduce the child into the Sikh way of life Applies to Amrit-Dhari families only Non Amrit-Dhari families allowed if they can adhere to rules below

Reason: This is the first ceremony in the Sikh way of life. Janam Sanskar is an oppotuinity for the baby to recieve Amrit at birth. This prevents the risk of the baby dying without receiving Amrit and also initiates the baby into the sikh way of life, which is very important especially for Amritdharie parents as after Janam Sanskar the baby is brought into rehat.

Administration: 1. The Amrit is prepared by any Amrit-dhari Singh – must sit in the Bir Asan having taken Pyjama/Pyhami off. 2. Water and Patase are stirred together by a Kirpan in a Sarbloh Batta (Iron Bowl) 3. Japji Sahib and Anand Sahib are recited with Ardas – preferably in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib 4. Once the Amrit is prepared it is taken to Hospital or place where the child has Taken birth 5. Five drops from the end of the Kirpan are put in the baby’s mouth from the tip of the kirpan so that it’s the first thing it drinks. 6. Recite Mool Mantar & Gurmantar in baby’s ear so that preferrably it’s the first words the baby hears. 7. The remainder of the Amrit in the sarbloh batta (iron bowl) is drank by the the infants Mother who promises to adhere to the rules (Rehat) given

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