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JasPinduh I hope I can help you with you question. Although, I don't have a direct answer to your question on how to "spot" someone who believes in black magic but I am going to try and take a different angle to your question about how to deal with it.

To me, black magic is a belief in something that is other than God. It almost sounds like a belief in the devil or something but I am not going to try to sound like I completely understand what it is. Personally, I don't understand why so many people (especially, our sikh brothers and sisters) have started to believe in it and are leaving everything our gurus taught us on the table. I don't know exactly what black magic does and how you can "save" yourself from its curse! I have seen people put green chilly (mirch) and lime (nimbu) in front of their homes, I have seen people put a bowl (matkaa) with a black face on top of their homes, I have seen my own sister in laws mother take salt and circle it around my sister in law to keep "bad spirits" away from her!

All this, I have seen in homes of Sikh families. My own family. But I being the "questioning" person that I am, have always asked and wondered why! Its not until I read in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj that I realized that all this black magic stuff is senseless and has no substance to it. Then, I began to freely express my "rejection" of these belief to my family.

When someone in my family would take about practicing any of these black magic stuff I would always ask them why? and tell them that as sikhs, we simply don't believe in this crap! They still won't listen. And I would stand my ground and not partake in any such activity but I would make it a goal to point out that what they were doing is wrong and totally against the sikh believes.

And maybe that is where you should start. You may want to first confront your father about the things he is doing. Don't be rude, but ask him politely what he is doing and why? If you find what he is doing is wrong, then talk to him about it. Tell him why you believe its wrong. But make sure you also listen to his explanation (if he provides any! I know my dad would kick my ass if I ever questioned him but maybe things are different with you!)

And reading your brother, I would say ask him about his dreams as well. If he is afraid of something then find out what it is and help him through Gurbani. Our guru's have provided us with guidance on every aspect of our lives (be it fear, love, hate, greed, whatever, the guru has guidance for you). All you have to do is take the time to find out what it is by doing your own research! It may take some time, but you will learn a lot.

And remember,

Jiska sahib dada hove, tisko maar na sakee koyee

(The one who's master is all powerful and mighty god, no one can kill that person)

Keep you faith in the guru and the guru will take care of you in good times and bad.