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Thank you Bhai Gavinpal Singh Ji. Yes, the auto biography of our Dasam Pita is the source on his history and bravery. I will definitely look up the links you provided above. But I guess I was trying to take a step further to see what different writers of different times wrote (both good and bad) on Guru Gobind Singh Ji and see if I could maybe dissect some useful information out of it.

A book is only "mass" until someone picks it up to read it and gain some knowledge from it. The quantity and quality of the knowledge that one retains also varies on a diverse set of factors. But if one takes the time and effort to read it, he/she leaves with some deep thoughts or lessons that can come in handy at another time and place in his/her life. I guess, I am trying to make an attempt to pick such pieces up on my Kalgi valee pathsha so I can learn something, anything, from his life/legacy. With his kirpa, I hope that I get to learn all about him. Soon...


Your brother.